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theresumereview.com review

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theresumereview.com review

Ask yourself what you need in order to get a job. What would be your answer? What to begin with? If you answered a resume, then your answer was right. A properly done resume is a priority. This is something one should start with and then, the better your resume looks, the more job interviews you get as a result and the bigger chance for you to find a job.


Design is the first thing we pay attention to once we get to see some website. I like it when there is not much of graphics, when the amount of colors is decent, when there is no advertisement and when no additional software is needed to be able to view the content of the site because sometimes, there are plugins needed whatever that means. There is a navigation panel, which makes it easier to browse the website and sooner to find what is needed.


Flawless grammar, dynamic wording, engaging content, reader friendly formatting, optimized organization and sleek design. I disagree that the grammar is flawless because my papers contained errors, which was a great surprise. I mean I thought that applying for help online, I ask for a help of a professional. Professionals are not that easy to find and even though it says on the site that there is a team of professional writers, it does not mean for them to be so. I had a chance to see everything with my own eyes.

Quality of paper

There are a few packages to order. Among these packages are resume writing, career coaching, cover letter, LinkedIn profile writing and the price for each is given below each package. I asked for everything. I decided I might need a LinkedIn profile, a career coaching, a cover letter apart from a resume. The service has a motto, which is to help everyone with their job hunting due to providing with a proper resume and the entire package to go along.

Policy of price

There is no table of price or price calculator but prices are given along with the packages of services. There is a cart for services as products to add like shopping online. It is convenient enough but the prices are excessively high. In addition, there are no discounts/bonuses. It would be pleasing to the eye. The policy of discounts and bonuses is engaging a priori.

Order details

Have you ever did shopping online? Ordering services on this site is following the principle of shopping online. There is a cart and what you need to do is to come up with what you need and add it to the cart. It will no longer be empty but consists of chosen packages of services.


Nowadays, you will hardly find anyone who has no resume. This is the first thing asked, to send a resume and then you will be called back. On the other hand, not, in case, of course, your resume does not fit in the position opened. Either way, there should be a resume. You will not find a job without one. An employer is supposed to at least look it through to decide whether you could do the offered job. Good luck to you!

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theresumereview.com review

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