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resumesthatwork.com.au review

Editor's Rating:

resumesthatwork.com.au review

If you need a resume or a CV, this is the right place to apply for help. It is an Australian service. There are many others but this one stands out due to its interface. Some might say that design does not matter but it always matters. Just like a human being should look at least neat. If there is a touch of taste, at least the slightest one, it is a huge plus point.


According to the testimonials, the service is unique, bold and satisfying. It is very easy at navigation. It gives five steps to job hunting success. It was a surprising twist. I asked for a resume and despite all the serious character of the document, it had its moving, hilarious, entertaining, amusing, exciting, informative, realistic, gripping and absorbing moments.


Pricing is a one huge unsatisfactory feature. In addition, there are no discounts. Why it is always so that there are no bonuses when they are needed the most. It would be great if they could add some real quick.


Quality of paper

I have already said in advantages section of my feedback that the quality of paper is not bad at all. It is important for a resume to look and sound professional because if it looks shallow and contains errors, it will speak of its owner as a shallow person. No one needs people who are grammatically incompetent.

Policy of price

There are resume packages, cover and thank you letters, selection criteria analysis and E-book package available. Click on each to find out the price for each package. There is no pricing table or a price calculator but shopping cart. It is empty as long as no orders are made but as soon as you make an order, it goes to the shopping cart.

Order details

Contact us and upload section is the one you need to place your order. There are fields to fill in and spaces to upload your documents. Provide with your contact information and leave a message if any upon your order or orders. If you have multiple documents, first thing you need to do is to place them into ZIP file.


Do you seek for a job? Do you think the problem is about your resume? Do you think you are not invited for a job interview due to your poor resume, which is boring to death instead of being readable as a book? How desperate are you? If things are that bad, if you need a challenge, or your salary to be rise, a promotion, feel like you need to change your workplace, ask for help online but make sure it is one decent service with no fake testimonials and affordable prices.

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resumesthatwork.com.au review

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